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What To Expect
As a Client

The TOTALVISION™ Process is a systematic 5-step approach for building an all-encompassing financial plan tailored to your unique priorities, goals, and objectives.

This highly personalized plan answers critical questions such as:

Am I on the right track financially?
What risks do I face?
At what age can I afford to retire?
How much money will it take to retire?
Will I be able to maintain my current lifestyle in retirement?
How will inflation and taxes impact my retirement?

How much life insurance do I need?
What type of life insurance do I need?
Do I have sufficient liability insurance?
What do I need to know about Social Security?
How will I pay for my Healthcare?



your Vision

Personal and financial goals
Desired retirement age and lifestyle
Investment risk tolerance and objectives



Conduct periodic review meetings
Monitor performance of your TOTALVISION™ Plan
Identify areas for improvement and make revisions accordingly
Update startegies to align with evolving goals



Your Current Financial Picture

Complete and discuss personal financial worksheets
Review existing investments and insurance
Set up TOTALVISION™ Website access and 360° view of your investments, insurance, and balance sheet



Review and confirm plan elements and strategies
Determine appropriate timeline for implementation



Identify and discuss current financial strengths and opportunities
Formulate TOTALVISION™ Plan - a financial plan which incorporates all elements of your financial picture into one cohesive plan