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We Prioritize Planning -
So You Can Optimize Life

Individuals | Couples | Families

We foster lifelong partnerships, supporting clients throughout all stages of life.

Getting Started

For those joining the workforce for the first time, we’ll look at income and assets, which will likely be limited but have much potential for future growth. We work with clients to establish what it looks like to live within their means, review employee benefits, and be a resource for questions regarding managing student loans and major purchases such as cars or homes. We’ll also discuss automating savings for such protections as emergency funds, retirement, and insurance coverage.


This stage of life usually involves some asset growth and the need to merge two separate budgets. We remind these clients of the importance of living within their means as they save for the future. We’ll help with financial planning, whether to maintain separate or joint accounts, costs associated with having a family, and we’ll go over the assets and liabilities each person brings to the marriage.

Children and Family

Once a couple is established and ready to start a family, we will develop a plan at the child’s birth to start saving for college. To benefit from compounding interest, it’s imperative to begin early, especially with the rising costs to raise a child and contribute to their college education. Clients will receive help with appropriate amounts of insurance coverage to make sure the family is covered while the kids are growing up.


These are often the highest earning years, typically from age 45-65. We review the financial plan, make adjustments as needed, and help address issues to help secure your retirement while wrapping up the parenting stage.


With children grown, career completed and retirement lifestyle defined, we help clients who are looking to maximize Social Security, enroll in Medicare, do estate planning, or take care of family members at home, whether an older child or parent. Many clients also want help avoiding retirement mistakes they watched their parents make.

Businesses | Business Owners

We understand small business.

Small-business owners and entrepreneurs are highly motivated people. They are driven to make their companies successful. They are always on the go, and they try to seize every opportunity. But that single-minded focus can take a toll on other aspects of life, including managing one’s personal finances.

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In creating financial plans for entrepreneurs in all types of businesses, we have learned which personal financial issues keep business owners up at night and interrupt their focus on their companies during the day. With our knowledge and experience, we are in a position to offload that stress by becoming partners in the management of any business owner’s long-term financial future.

Our broad planning services for small-business owners takes into account both family priorities and business needs. We carefully develop financial plans that take advantage of opportunities to build security for entrepreneurs and their families.

We will develop and monitor a long-term financial plan designed for your unique needs. With new confidence that your financial future is on the right track, you can get back to the business of building your company.

Our services include:

Asset Allocation

and ongoing investment management advice

Retirement Plan Design

and selection (qualified and non-qualified executive plans)

Risk Management

Cash Flow Management

Estate Planning

Consulting and Planning

for new investors, partners or successors